web solutions.
perfect campaign, perfect brand.

Our services include, registration and design, programming of online activation for designated purposes, concept development and search engine optimizations, dedicated programs such as Consumer Relationship Management, online reservation systems and eCommerce solutions. Also we develop target designated medias whom provides a massive communication tool for some FMCG and sporting goods and concepts.

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creative services.
right media, right audience right solutions.

Our creative department offers corporate full package designs, photography, print and productions for any needs and requirements of our clients. Through the years we have created solutions for variety of clients, some of them are listed here.

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online application.
who are you? who do you want to be?

Our online solutions include customized programs to meet the costumers' specific needs and requirements. We obtain information from our clients on how customized applications could help them with their business and simply deliver the best and foremost solutions. Mobin One Online Activity Concept Development OPT Circuit, International Tennis Tournaments; Online Registrations Online Hotel Booking Online Airplane Ticket Booking Alik Media Company, World Cup Activation FIFA World Cup Brazil match online prediction program and UI design LEON Restaurants, World Cup Activation FIFA World Cup Brazil online activation, UI design

consumer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management are dedicated programs that assist the administrations to communicate and develop business with their costumers, active or potential, in more structured and designated format. Although there are many CRM programs available, some companies needs and requirnments goes beyond the services they could provide. Varzideh Kar Industries customer relationship management program helps the company to communicate and manages hundreds of clients’ needs and follow-ups in further enhanced manners.

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and we make medias

  • Babieez.com a recently launch online magazine for mothers and mothers to be which focuses on delivering much needed information about pre pregnancy, birth and raising kids for young mothers and as well fathers.

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  • Ladieez.com a women's online lifestyle magazine with more than 2 million accumulated page views in 2013. Mainly readers are women between 20-44 years with higher education corporate employees.

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  • Tennis3sixty.com is the first launch for our sport 3sixty inclusions; tennis3sixty is the tennis online news portal and hub for thousands of fans across the country. Tennis 3sixty.com assess communications with special segments of the society who enjoy unique preference in sport and life, in general.

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