to make a network, yo have to

connect the dots


fields we’ve been working on

  • chemistery & plastics
  • sports
  • music
  • advertising
  • games
  • arts
  • construction
  • news
  • computer
  • electronics
  • energy
  • cosmetics
  • print
  • animals
  • business
  • industries
  • food industy
  • furniture & interior

and we make medias

  • a recently launch online magazine for mothers and mothers to be which focuses on delivering much needed information about pre pregnancy, birth and raising kids for young mothers and as well fathers.

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  • a women's online lifestyle magazine with more than 2 million accumulated page views in 2013. Mainly readers are women between 20-44 years with higher education corporate employees.

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  • is the first launch for our sport 3sixty inclusions; tennis3sixty is the tennis online news portal and hub for thousands of fans across the country. Tennis assess communications with special segments of the society who enjoy unique preference in sport and life, in general.

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